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  2. We are young of a Berber family, born and raised in the beautiful village of Merzouga, a quiet village located southeast of Morocco in the desert, in its purest form. Our treatment of travelers throughout the years has given us the perfect opportunity to learn various languages such as Spanish, French, English or Italian.With us you will discover the most authentic corners of southern Morocco with its stunning landscapes full of contrasts, and know their people and their customs, culture and, of course, will live in person the wonderful feelings that transmits the Sahara Desert.would like to share with you the magic of the south of Morocco, the  dunes and the Sahara, the mountains, gorges and valleys, nomadic life and life in the oases, Kasbahs and villages. We offer a selection of trips and Day Trips of varying lengths and destinations to explore and discover this other Morocco full of peace, charm, simplicity and starlit nights.The desert is another dimension, a world apart from what we know and expect. In the expanse of the dunes there are no distractions to appreciating man’s greatest treasure – his own soul. Nothing exists but the undulating sand, the expansive sky, the moon, the stars and silence. Here, there is room for meditation; reflection on the essence of life and the magic within it.The power of the desert is omnipotent with the sudden rising of the winds, the shifting sands and the constant need to search for life giving water. The desert’s secret touch is about learning our own humility and coming away from this sacred place with each memory and experience etched into our minds, providing us with priceless treasures.All this  is part of the many treasures of Morocco: the sunset or sunrise with the dawning of a new day, in the heat of midday or the cool of evening, when the colours of the dunes shimmer and reflect inimitable hues or, trekking on a camel, sharing the rhythms of life of a Saharan nomad. With us from Desert Morocco Travel - even if only for a few days or hours – you will savour the spirit of the desert and begin to understand why the world’s three great religions of the book stemmed from here. And all of this is for the single reason; that no value may be placed on the desert because man is exposed to the desert’s whims.
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